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      A Complete Guide to Auto Window Tinting Services

      Tinting your windows can do a lot more than shield your car’s occupants from view and reduce heat. There are several reasons to tint your windows. Still, no matter how you go about tinting your windows, you need to make sure you are doing it correctly and legally.

      Why Tint Your Windows?

      One reason to tint your windows is to reduce your exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV Radiation). It also can make sure that your VLT or Variable Light Transmission is at safe levels. Your window tint will need to allow the correct volume of light into your car.

      The reduction of sunlight coming into your car after your windows are tinted also can protect your car’s interior from sun damage and heat. The upholstery, carpets, and even your car’s dashboard can fade if exposed to sunlight over a long period.

      Window tint film is very durable. The film helps hold the glass together in case of an accident. This reduces the amount of shattered glass that gets in your vehicle and onto you.

      Finally, the tinted windows offer privacy and allow you to conceal what is inside your car. Prospective thieves aren’t going to be able to see inside easily.


      Having tinted windows enhances the cosmetic look of your car. It almost makes it look like your vehicle is wearing sunglasses while providing a darker environment for your car’s interior. The ability to reflect the car’s surroundings on the window also can be a benefit.

      Rules, Regulations, and Laws Regarding Automotive Window Tinting

      Cars are required to let in certain levels of light by the state, which directly impacts the amount of car tint you can place on your window. The laws for window tinting vary by state, and these laws make it so you can’t tint an entire windshield. Instead, there are some other things you can do to get the right windshield tint.

      Windshield Strip or Tint Bar or Shade Band

      If you can’t fully tint out your windshield, then you can get a windshield strip to reduce the glare when the sun is directly in front of you. These strips act like the black stripes sports player’s place under their eyes, and they absorb sunlight like a sponge. This helps to reduce glare, and all you need to do is wrap it around the top portion of your windshield.

      The VLT levels will vary depending on your state. Still, most windshields allow 80% VLT to ensure that your view is unobstructed during the day.

      Front Door Windows

      The legal limits are around 50% VLT for front and passenger side windows, although this varies by state.

      Back Door Windows

      Backdoor windows have an average legal limit of 35% VLT, depending on the state.

      Rear Window

      Rear windows also have an average legal limit of 35% VLT, varying by state laws.

      Types of Automotive Window Tinting Explained

      While there are several different types of window tint film that you can use for your car, here are some of the most popular:

      Dyed Window Tint

      Dyed tints are one of the most common grades of window tinting, and they are also an affordable option that can keep sunlight out of the car.

      Metalized Window Tint

      This type of window tint is made from metalized materials, which infuses the film with high levels of metal particles to block the sunlight. In addition to reducing outward visibility and glare, the metal also reinforces the window, preventing the window from shattering.

      Carbon Tint Film

      This tint is elevated and gives you some of the health benefits of having a window tint. The carbon tint helps block out up to 40% of infrared radiation and blocks exposure to UV rays. Plus, it lasts longer than other tints.

      Crystalline Window Tint

      Crystalline window tint is still effective at blocking everything but keeps your window crystal clear.

      Ceramic Window Tint

      This is the best window tint that money can buy. It is made from ceramic-based particles that give you every benefit without reducing electronic transmissions from phones and computers. It’s near-perfect.

      Budgeting for Window Tinting – How Much Does it Cost?

      The window tint you choose will determine your budget and estimate. Do you only want the ability to protect your vehicle from the sun’s harmful rays, or do you like the ability to have total privacy with a full tint job? Do you need the window tints to be practical, aesthetic, or both?

      For example, ceramic window tints cover all the bases. Therefore, they have a higher price than simple dyed window tints that only protect your car from sunlight.

      Finally, to see if the deals for window tinting are worth it, how long do you want to keep the car? If you only plan to keep the car for a few months to a year and then trade it in for something better, it’s not worth the money to get it tinted.

      How Long Does a Tint Job Last?

      A tint job will last you about 3-5 years, but like all things, this can depend on your circumstances. The tint job will also fade if your car spends too much time in the sun.


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