Custom  Headlight& Taillight Tint

Express your unique style or promote your company’s brand with a custom vehicle wrap!

A Complete Guide to Headlight & Taillight Tinting

While we can easily tint the windows of your car, not many people know that your headlights can be tinted as well.

Why Tint Your Car’s Headlights and Taillights?

Tinting your car’s headlights and taillights provide an extra layer of protection to these expensive parts of your vehicle. The tint can keep your headlights and taillights safe from bumps, dings, and scratches. It helps to keep them effective, no matter what.

Tinting your lights with colors can help you stand out from the crowd. You can tint your headlights and taillights with any coloring and show your style. You can also make them smokey as well to give another cosmetic look.

Types of Headlight & Taillight Tint

Smokey Headlights

The main feature of this headlight is the unique smokey look that they give your headlights and taillights. You can lay it on your lights without having to spray it, and it will prevent certain levels of light from passing through the car’s headlights. Plus, you can do it without any other supplies.
The smokey effect to headlights and taillights is applied by a vinyl film that lays over the headlight, and then you cut out the shape of your headlight. The remaining vinyl will conform to your lights with heat without special equipment.
With various shades and grades of film out there, you can show off your style while protecting your lights’ lens.

The benefits of using vinyl film are that it is straightforward to install and can make a great DIY project. However, since a vinyl tint can absorb light, you can make it too dark and inhibit the ability of the headlight to do its job. Always consult a professional before installing tinting film.

Colored Tint

A colored tint is installed just like a regular smokey tint, but instead of being a black tint, it is a colored one that changes the color of your lights. They don’t cost too much if you find some excellent deals and are fun to experiment with.

Tinted tail lights can come in DIY kits at low prices and come in vinyl fabric wrappers that lay over the taillight and headlight.

These colored light tints don’t just give you a cool and customizable look. They also increase protection from road debris and UV radiation damage.

Tinted lights prevent you from buying new colored bulbs and keeping your lights safe and functional for longer. The only con is that you might pick the wrong color and end up with a cheesy-looking vehicle light.

Rules, Regulations, and Laws Regarding Automotive Lighting Tint and Films

Since Vinyl tints absorb light and the head and tail lights produce light, the two can cancel one another out. Seeing headlights and taillights is vital for both you and other drivers during night driving sessions. Tinting your headlights can be very dangerous if you do it wrong, and in some states, it is even illegal to go too dark.

In the United States, many states have banned tinted headlights and taillights altogether because of the potential danger they cause to reduce visibility. Check your state laws before installing film on your lights.

How Long Does a Tint Last?

Most films have an estimated life of 2-3 years. The life span varies based on installation quality, the film quality, and the amount of time the car spends in the sun. If you keep your vehicle in direct sunlight for too long, the tint will lose its effectiveness.


If you can work around headlight and taillight tinting legalities in your state, it is a great way to add some customization to your car!